YouTube Kids is great. Kids love it. Parents love it.
If you haven’t used it yet, you’ll probably love it as well. 
3 years after launching, YouTube knew they needed to grow up with
their audience and took the risky leap of giving their app a facelift. 
So we jumped in and helped, because who wouldn't with a chance like that.
We created a series of videos building hype around the redesign, created a ton of in-app content,
and educating users about all of its useful, new features.
Launch Video.
The video that said, "goodbye!", to one of YouTube Kids' old hero,
making way for the new characters.
Since the launch of the YTK rebrand,
we've created over 20+ in-app videos to date.
I've placed some of my favorites below,
starting with the in-app launch video.
We also helped YT Kids launch their own Instagram stickers.
Over 5 million GIFs usage in the first month and counting.
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